I strive to make my work feel intimate yet expansive. I want to create an experience for the viewer and I want them to feel. To feel free, relaxed, powerful, at ease, inspired – whatever it is they bring  to the piece from their own experiences.

My works are my personal reaction to my own existence and my relationship to the natural world. I am interested in the line between representational and abstract in my work. I am constantly walking that line. There are certainly elements of work that can be recognized as shapes found in nature, where I draw so much inspiration from and where I feel most at home, but there is also a certain freedom from the literal that brings my work to the edge of  the abstract. I think we all seek the truth of our lives in one way or another and I do this through translating memories and feelings from nature onto the canvas. I learn so much about myself from both activities. I’m never painting solely what I see; I’m always layering as way of unraveling memories and bringing the truth to the surface. There is a constant push and pull while I work to communicate what I see but also what I feel.

My painting process is a combination of intuitive yet planned mark making and completely unrestrained play. Color, shape, texture and line are what express emotions in my work. While nature’s influence is ever present in my work as evidenced by shapes of botanical matter – flowers, branches, lichen, leaves, water, and pods – there are always elements that are derived from within me. Each is a representation of the present moment – calm, chaotic, energetic, reflective and beautiful.


2017 Anne Irwin Fine Art | Atlanta, GA | (emerging artists show)
2017 The Laffer Gallery (4 person show)
2016 Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council (5 person show)
2016 ArtsyShark Online Gallery
2016 Gallatin River Gallery | Big Sky Montana
2016 Annual Members Show | Saratoga Arts
2016 Trask Juried Art Show and Sale | Canfield Casino | Saratoga Springs, NY
2015 Pop-Up Shop | PaperDolls of Saratoga | (solo show)
2014 Juried Exhibit | Saratoga Arts | (group show)
2013 Trask | Canfield Casino | (juried group show)
2013 10 x 10 = 100 | Mimosa Gallery | (group show, 2009-2013)
2009 Feast Gallery | (group show)
2008 Branch: The Friday Series | Mimosa Gallery | (solo show)

2016 Artsy Shark Featured Artist interview
2016 artfoodhome.com
2015 Arts Business Institute

View More: http://hbtphoto.pass.us/elisa-studioView More: http://hbtphoto.pass.us/elisa-studioView More: http://hbtphoto.pass.us/elisa-studiophotos by HBT Photo

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