Kintsugi Eggshells Totem 12 (PREORDER)
Kintsugi Eggshells Totem 12 (PREORDER)

Kintsugi Eggshells Totem 12 (PREORDER)

Kintsugi Eggshells Totem PREORDER (will ship in 2-3 weeks)
A statement piece in a fantastic size. This piece is made of ostrich and emu eggshells (!!) and they are stunning. So sculptural in their size and mass. A thin river of silver and gold runs through. This piece is a pre-order because I am awaiting some frames. You can choose between a silver or white frame.

SIZE: 12" x 30" x 3", hangs vertically or horizontally.
MATERIALS: eggshells, ink, paint, 24k gold leaf, silver metal leaf
IMPORTANT: Every monitor displays color differently. If you need more details,  photos or information before making a purchase, please email me.
SHIPPING: This piece will ship as soon as I receive frames (estimated 2-3 weeks until shipping). Shipping fees are calculated by weight and size. For order outside of U.S., a shipping estimate will be provided.
FRAMING: This piece is framed and you can choose a silver or white frame.
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