Elisa Sheehan’s art is an invitation to consider the fluent language of nature, the beauty in the broken, and the symphony of color and shape gifted to us by the world itself.

With a background in fine art and design, Elisa brings both technical acuity and an unbridled spirit of wonder and discovery to all of her creations.

Her works, which span across mediums from fine art painting to kintsugi-inspired eggshell installations, are woven with common threads that ask the observer to ponder the relationship between fragility and strength, to embrace a staggering spectrum of color, and above all, to notice the indelible mark of the natural world on everything we consider beautiful and valuable.

Elisa lives rogue and rural in Upstate New York with her family—her favorite tribe of co-adventurers with whom she explores nature, pockets always laden with stones and sticks, and inspiration always within reach. She believes in making art that sustains others, by inviting the outdoors in. 

"I’ve always loved the Japanese art of kintsugi. It calls us to celebrate age, history, and the scars that life and time make upon everything and everyone. I embrace this as a way to think about ourselves, others, and our relationships as we age. It honors the inevitable imperfections of everything we see and might aspire to be, and represents the duality of fragility and strength, beauty and brokenness."

  • What is kintsugi?

    Working from the beautiful concepts of kintsugi, Elisa creates a visual interpretation of that craft in eggshells. 

    She aims to celebrate imperfection and honor the value in what might be considered broken. 

    Gorgeous framed art for your home or for gifting, each eggshell is painted individually, and gold metal leaf is applied to represent the repairs that are typically made to pottery by kintsugi artists. 

    Each and every eggshell is unique. Collaboration and customization are always welcome.