Porcelain Installations




After years in development, Elisa has created a new way to enjoy her signature kintsugi eggshells... in porcelain. Her vision for these compositions is that they are custom installed directly to a client's wall, taking into consideration scale, light, shadows and drama!

Elisa creates the molds & casts by hand, and painstakingly fires & forms these organic eggshell-like forms and adds her signature splashes of color.

Without the limits of a frame, Elisa has created various composition structures for these porcelain sculptural pieces. The porcelain shells can also be affixed to painted wooden panels, exploring the reaches defined edges & varied surfaces. These organic porcelain shapes flow over the egdes of the panel, unencumbered by a traditional frame. The way that light and shadow play with these compositions makes them ever-changing & captivating.

Each of these porcelain eggshell installations are completely custom commissions.

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