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Elisa Sheehan Art

Kintsugi Eggshells Mini 176

Kintsugi Eggshells Mini 176

Kintsugi Eggshells
I’ve always loved the Japanese art of “kintsugi” wherein broken pottery is repaired with gold and rather than trying to disguise the break or flaw, it is highlighted and therefore elevated to a status of beauty. Its age is celebrated, its history is seen, its flaws are revered. I think it’s a good way to think about ourselves, others and our relationships as we age - not to try to look like our former, younger selves but to embrace our “breaks and flaws” and to honor them and see the beauty in them. Working from this beautiful concept, I've created a visual interpretation of it within these eggshells.

SIZE: 4" square in acrylic box frame
Signed with full name on front and name of piece on back.
MATERIALS: local eggshells, ink, paint, 24k gold leaf or silver metal leaf
IMPORTANT: Every monitor displays color differently. If you need more details,  photos or information before making a purchase, please email me.
FRAMING: This piece is framed and can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf.
SHIPPING: This piece will ship within 5 days of purchase. Shipping fees are calculated by weight and size. For order outside of U.S., a shipping estimate will be provided.


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